SUPRAMID EXTRA is a Polyamid 6 that is produced by polycondensation of e-aminocapronic acid. This thread is characterised by the flexibility of its thread core and its smooth surface. It thus combines the positive physical attributes of both monofilament and multifilament threads: a smooth surface with good flexibility. The SUPRAMID EXTRA suture material is produced by the dry spinning process. This results in a monofilament thread with diameters of 7/0 -5/0 USP. For diameters 4/0 - 1 USP a braided thread core is covered with a coating by pressure extrusion to form a pseudomonofilament material. The thread structure prevents the capillary effect; the max. water absorption is around 10%.

RESOCAT* Chrom is a surgical suture material, manufactured from bovine SEROSA. A special form of processing produces a suture of monofilament character with highest-purity collagen, constant diameter and reliable tensile strength. The high purity of the material guarantees tissue-friendly tolerability. RESOCAT* Chrom is broken down by the body’s own proteolytic enzymes and is conditioned in an alcoholic storage solution to guarantee safe storage and a high degree of suppleness