Feed Grade Mineral Oil
Two sizes available

  • 4L Bottles (4 per case)
  • 20 L bottle in box with spout tap.
Animal Health Products / Please seek veterinarian assistance before using any products listed on this page.

Wheat Germ Oil Blend

  • 4L Bottles (4 per case)
  • A mix of Vitamin A, E, D3 blended in a mix of soy and wheat germ oil.
  • Vitamin A (min) Per Kg 918,306 iu
  • Vitamin D3 (min) Per Kg 91,831 iu
  • Vitamin E (min) Per Kg 3,674 iu

Cal-Paste Plus

  • 400g. Tube.
  • Cal-Paste Plus is a vitamin and mineral supplement for dairy cattle.
  • It provides certain vitamins and minerals to help ensure normal nutritional levels before, during and after calving.
  • Use with our stainless steel paste dispenser.

USP Grade Propylene Glycol
Two sizes available

  • 4L Bottles (4 per case)
  • 20L bottle in box with spout tap

Scour Plug Bolus
Canada's favourite remedy for calf scours!

  • Sulfamethazine and neomycin bolus.
  • 25 Boluses per jar. (23 per case)
  • Scour Plug with electrolytes is a treatment for scours in calves and foals. It also aids in bacterial respiratory tract  infections while replacing electrolytes, which may have been depilated due to mentioned aliments

Feed Grade Fish Oil
Two sizes available

  • Herring Oil
  • Contains DHA, Omega-3, Omega -6
  • Extra refined, very low moisture and impurities.
  • 4L Bottles (4 per case)
  • 20L bottle in box with spout tap

Pine Oil Cleaner

  • 4L Bottles (4 per case)
  • Heavy duty cleaner with quaternary ammonium chlroides.
  • Fresh pine scent.